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Did you know? Studies found that 91% of people who planned their workouts and wrote down when and where they intended to do them actually followed through. So, let’s dive into why planning is such a big deal!

Why Planning Matters

Saves Time

Taking a little time to plan ahead can save you tons of time and effort throughout the week. Less time deciding what to do and fewer last-minute grocery store trips – win-win!

Keeps You On Track

Having a plan to refer back to makes you more likely to stick to it. Think of it like setting appointments – when it’s in your schedule, it’s more likely to happen.

Puts You in Charge

Planning helps you feel in control. It’s like being the boss of your schedule – pretty cool, right?

Easy Steps to Plan Your Meals 

Plan Your Meals

Block out your meals and snacks for each day of the week. It’ll help you stick to your nutrition goals and avoid grabbing unhealthy food when busy. Think about cooking in batches to make things simpler. You can use our app’s planner or print one out to stick on your fridge!

Pro Tip: Choose recipes that excite you – it’s easier to stick to your plan when looking forward to your meals.

Grocery Time

Once your plan is set, head to the stores! Shopping with a list saves money and reduces waste. Plus, you’ll spend less on things you don’t really need.

Master Meal Prep

Get ahead by cooking meals in advance. Freeze some delicious dishes or prep ingredients to make cooking quicker. Smaller containers are perfect for your snacks.

Top Tips for Planning Workouts

Keep It Real

Set goals for workouts that you can actually achieve during the week. Spread them out based on your schedule. If you miss one, it’s okay – life happens. Just jump back in when you can!

Mix It Up

Find workouts you enjoy! Trying different styles keeps things fun. Remember, all kinds of movement count – from a gym session to a walk in the park.

Rest Time

Don’t forget rest days! Plan at least two days off to let your body recover. You can schedule them between workouts or when life gets super busy.

Prep Like a Boss

Set aside time for meal prep during your week. Trust us, in the future, you will be thrilled with easy, tasty, and healthy meals.

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