Busting 5 Common Nutrition Myths

So, you think you know a thing or two about eating, right? Think again! Despite the wealth of information out there, some old myths just won’t quit. Here’s the truth behind five of the biggest ones.

Myth #1: Foods Make You Fat

Have you ever felt guilty for indulging in your favorite dish? No need! It’s not about what you eat, but how much. Eating too many calories leads to weight gain, whether it’s lasagna or salad. Moderation is key!

Myth #2: Eggs Are Bad

Forget what you’ve heard—eggs are superfoods! Especially if they’re from free-range chickens. Packed with nutrients, they’re great for your body and can be cooked in countless tasty ways.

Myth #3: Eating After 6

Late-night snacking won’t ruin your physique! Your body actually repairs itself best at night, so don’t skimp on dinner. Refuel with a balanced meal after an active day to help muscles recover.

Myth #4: Whey Is Bad!

Sip your whey shake proudly! It’s not cheating—it’s nourishment. High-quality protein like whey helps muscles recover after a workout. So, enjoy that post-gym treat guilt-free.

Myth #5: Low Carb Is Key

Carbs aren’t the enemy! They fuel intense workouts, giving you the energy to push through. Athletes load up on carbs before big events for a reason—they work!

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